November 04, 2009

My husband 第五代~ 阿福

Since 2006, I started my first "My Husband".
Following the second, thethird..., it's the fifth "my Husband" now.

The fifth generation "My Husband" was named as "A-Fu".
A-Fu is a 60cmheight and rotund fellow.
A-Fu has been completed for a while, but was not posted on my wedside.

Alrough he is a 60 cm large guy, the whole process was so smooth and quick.

In the begining, it was a headache to stuff cotton in the bear's head.
Almost a little impatinet, it's really a big staff.
But, in suprise Ifinished it only in a couple miniutes.
I love A-Fu because he is so well-rounded and he is my luck star.
I love to hold him, carry him and talk to him.
The pronouncing of "Fu" in chinese mean lucky.
That's why I named him.
Comparing with the third one, the fifth A-Fu is heavier.