December 12, 2012

The Blissful Baker

Everyone harbours different hopes and dreams for the future. Some people take action when their plans and goals for the future have been decided upon; others just continue dreaming.


Regardless of who we are or where we were born, each and every one of us has our own potential, but without hard work and perseverance, this potential cannot be fully unleashed. It is therefore up to ourselves to discover our hidden talents!

I thus present Dear Bear's latest creation: The Blissful Baker, by teddy bear artist Elaine.
Her inspiration was drawn from a friend who is like a brother to us, who once mentioned in a conversation that his lifelong dream is to become a baker.

Even though it had seemed like a difficult dream to accomplish back then, he signed up for courses to try his hand at baking. Though faced with many challenges, all was forgotten when he saw the blissful looks on his family member's faces as they tasted his baking.


No matter what the outcome of a situation, giving something your all is what's most important (a habit which should be cultivated). Even if it was not the desired outcome, at least you tried your best.
"It is better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all."

Dear Bear has had the honour of meeting many friends locally and from around the world. We gather more inspiration for our creations from the stories that have been shared with us!
We find happiness in our work by honing our skills and expanding our knowledge through it. This makes us want to share with others the value of this joy - of doing your best in whatever you undertake and having the feeling of bliss surge through you upon reaching self-fulfilment.
Here's to all our friends for not giving up on your dreams and goals, for success and happiness will always be there waiting for you!
~ Maggie

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